The Media Should Be Ashamed Of Shaming Actor The Cosby Show's Geoffrey Owens


Humans are really a cruel species and it is time to stop the devolution.

(AllHipHop Opinion) I wasnt going to say anything about #GeoffreyOwens, but I am now. I actually think the situation made me get off social media. But, Ill say this, the new and media outlets that reported on him WORKING were so despicable and disgusting, I had to question humanity. Sounds funny or silly, right? But these are the acts of cruelty that we dont talk enough about. There is another side to it. Mr. Owens will see the victory through it all, because I know that opportunities will now flow his way.

Hell, I wanted to write a movie or something just to put him in it. Sometimes, I wonder who the animals really are on this planet. Moreover, there are plenty of people out here working hard in whatever industry to feed their family, pay their bills and stabilize their lives. Not, sure how the narrative got twisted, but it wont work this time.

We are living in an era of fake news, fake lives, fake people and fake stories. Those that find humor or felt the need to shine a spotlight on Mr. Owens personal life are agents of evil and certainly have an agenda well above my pay grade. Of all the rappers, actors and artists I know, I have a special place in my heart for those that continue to push towards their dreams while managing honest income.

The attempt to disrespect and embarrass a seemingly honorable man has failed even if he doesnt get another acting job in his life. #salute

By the way, the quote is from Rorschach, a character from The Watchmen. It seemed fitting.

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Good thoughts! Humans can be brutal and this meme/social media culture has brought out the worst in human behavior.

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