What Is This New, Weird Form Of Street Rap?

New rapper Lanze has only been out for a second, but he's already making waves in social media.

(AllHipHop Opinion) There have been many names for it: “Bath Salt Rap”, “Zombie” and several others that have zero political correctness. His name is Lanze and he’s acquired significant recognition for his ability to rap without using many words. The young rapper, who is a virtual unknown, has gotten attention because his foray into rap was a series of noises, grunts and intimidating other expressions, none of which use actual words. Whether or not Lanze is some sort of new genre or just an anomaly to rap, he has collectively gotten people of a certain age scratching their Golden Era heads. Others, not so much. One fan said, “This ni—a needs to drop his mixtape RIGHT F—KING NOW! I WILL DONATE! I WILL BUY HIS MUSIC! I WILL BUY HIS MERCH!” Interesting. Generally, breath control has been a staple in Hip-Hop, but Lanze seems to incorporate a lack of breath heavily in his songs. The mixture is one that oozes street dreams and nightmares at the same damn time.

Now watch the old head rappers gone say "let the lil dude make his money".

LOL @undergroundking - I don't see any old heads saying that. In the comments, people are taking insanity like he's the new Tupac.

Cmon, Chuck. I don't know about you, but you in the industry you should know this. I've seen and heard in interviews the older rappers offer excuses for when a new style come out and say things like "The east coast hating" or "As long as he making money to feed his family let the man eat" or "Its art" or "They didn't understand us when we came out" or " It's not made for 30-40 plus listeners, its made for the kids so stop hating". I betcha he get a Snoop feature lol.

I thought dude was smoking dope in the beginning of the video...shit corny

Kid look like Samuel Jacksons character Gator from Jungle Fever's son!!!!