Word To Snoop Dogg: What Minister Farrakhan's FaceBook​ And Instagram Ban Means


Why was Minister Farrakhan bans from Facebook and Instagram?

(AllHipHop Opinion) Facebook and their other company Instagram have banned Minister Louis Farrakhan from their platforms. The move came earlier today and the religious leader of the Nation of Islam was banished along with conspiracy theory zealot Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos and Paul Joseph Watson. Aside from Jones, I don't know much about these other people, but Facebooks brass considers them "extremists."

The official word is Facebook has a practice of "prohibiting dangerous individuals and organizations." I don't believe the minister or the Nation of Islam, which he lead, fits the bill. Actually Trump and his organizations come closer to that description. Nevertheless, a mass of people have come out in support of Farrakhan

This included Snoop Dogg, who kept it G.

“So Facebook and Instagram just banned Louis Farrakhan, I want to know for what?” Snoop asked. “All he ever do was to tell the truth…How the f*ck you gonna ban Minister Louis Farrakhan for putting truth out there?” he went on angrily. “I stand with him…ban me muthaf*cka. Ban me. I’ma keep posting his sh*t. I’ma keep putting Louis Farrakhan out there. That’s my dear brother. F*ck y’all that got a problem with him.”

The bigger issue will be: Who Will Remove Themselves From IG or FB In Solidarity?

On top of that, who will create a platform?

At any rate, this is where we are. Snoop Dogg is presently the most vocal supporter but he isn't the only one by far. There's a proverbial "nation" backing the minister in what seems to be a gross misuse of power and control. Facebook now commands such power and is not open to listening.

What is more compelling is that activists have long complained that Facebook was a hotbed for racist groups and terror cells, but nothing was done. Or ever little. Either way, they have creating a very hypocritical legacy for themselves. From a Hip-Hop lens, Minister Farrakhan has been instrumental in quelling beef, guiding the leaders like Snoop and mending wounds that have been long-standing in the community. He's a staple. Now, he has said some thing that people of a certain persuasion may take the wrong way, but what do you think Black people and others or color must contend with daily? From Trump on down, they have basically reinstated OVERT racism in the system. But they are worried about Farrakhan, who is literally 80 years old.

Anyway. That's my two cents.

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Facebook is full of shit. They put black people into fb jail for discussing racism. I have a fb friend who was threw in fb jail for posting a picture of a black mam being hanged. He was black himself. The worst part about all of this. Is fb doesn't give you a chance to defend yourself. They just make their mind up and then ban you. But mean while , Facebook promotes homosexuality with all of the gay flags and gay emojis. Fb also promotes wars by America even though it has been proven ,America provoked the war ,and lied to the world. Fb is a hypocrite! They spy on their customers, and do other shady shit.


They shouldn't ban him or anybody for reciting historical documentation that receipts can be provided for.

I never heard him say that you should hate or bring harm to anyone.


this was an easy one - if you take anything Farrakhan has said in his speeches and replaced "white people" or "jews" with "black people" you would call him the biggest racist to ever walk the earth...that kind of messaging has no place regardless who the messenger is.


This is the standard. Spell check on point. Keep it going. Good job.