Young Thug Is Back Up To His Tricks

Colorism is running the streets like a pimp and rappers are the prostitutes selling discrimination.

(AllHipHop Opinion) The racial divide is more than just Black and White. Colorism is probably a more serious issue, because it consistently has people of color at odds. Young Thug continues to be one of the more creative and intriguing figures in rap these days. Regardless, it becomes increasingly difficult to support artists that perpetuate disrespect along hues.

Most recently, Young Thug was caught in the comments section of his instagram calling a female “fan” a “Black ugly burnt peasant” after she stated that women “were the catch.” She was basically stating that men should seek out women as the prize. Thugger, who is relatively androgynous, disagreed and he took it somewhere else.

This is not really new for Thugger.

In December 2016, he ridiculed a pair of airport workers stating they were "African-looking” and that “their hair nappy as a motherf**ker.” It did not stop there. In a video, he said, “These two ants are so rude. Look — these two ants are so rude, they’re peasants! They’re saying their manager is on the way. I don’t want to talk to the manager. Y’all are ants. Your manager is a peasant. And y’all are ants.” Thugger found the matter hilarious, but the internet proceeded to drag him to the ends of the internet and back.

And then came, the “apology” which was not really an apology.

“By the way, that message wasn't to all my Black women,” he stated in a now-deleted Instagram video. “It was to those two Black burnt women.” Classy.

The odd thing is that his seems to be a trend with some of artists of the day. Early in the summer, a 19-year old Kodak Black decided to compare and contrast dark-skinned women and light-skinned women right before turning 20. In an interview with ChaneyTV, he stated he didn’t like dark skinned women, citing they were “too gutter.” Sad.

A few years ago, the oft-problematic XXXXtentacion decided it was a wise idea to tweet “Death to Darkskin” publicly. The tweet is from 2014 when the rapper was apparently 16, but he’s not getting a pass for the reprehensible statement. The rap artist would go on to do far more insidious acts to his ex-girlfriend in a pending legal matter that could send him to jail for decades.

When does it stop?

Colorism isn’t a new phenomenon and it certainly wasn’t created by Hip-Hop. The practice of discriminating on or treating somebody differently based on their skin tone is an age old scoundrel that has continually plagued people of color from the inside. However, now it feels different. Nowadays, foolishness has the ability to travel all over the world, hopping from platform to platform unchecked. It can creep in your mind, your home, your bedroom and even the brains of younger people. Over the summer, I talked to a group of young Black women that wrestled with Kodak Black’s comments. The hurt was evident and yet one girl in particular continued to support Kodak even though she was as dark as he was. Abuse.

Rappers of the day are simply symbols that reflect the true ugly in all of us - society. Hopefully, we’ll start to uplift the ones that we say reflect our higher self. Until then…