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AllHipHop.com was founded and launched in 1998 by CEO’s Grouchy Greg Watkins and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur.

AllHipHop.com is a valuable resource for hip-hop on the internet, featuring daily news, interviews, reviews, multimedia, a fast growing community and other interesting content.

Publications such as CNN, The Source, XXL, Complex, New York Post, New York Daily News and many others utilize AllHipHop.com. The site has working relationships with many offline print magazines, newspapers, television and radio outlets.

“Simply put, AllHipHop.com is such a great resource for hip-hop. I know that I can count on my daily news alerts being accurate and timely and AllHipHop is making a significant impact upon hip-hop.” – Def Jam founder and CEO of Rush Communications Russell Simmons.

“AllHipHop.com does a great job” – Jim Farber, Pop Music Critic, New York Daily News

“I Like AllHipHop.com, the news is reliable and accurate” – Paul Rosenberg Esq. Manger/Eminem/President/Shady/Goliath Records

In addition to the website, AllHipHop.com has been delivering daily news alerts to music industry tastemakers and hip-hop lovers phones and email addresses since 1998.

AllHipHop.com is currently partnered with Maven, a company based out of Seattle, to manage our website’s digital media platform.

Maven is a publicly traded company (MVEN) founded by former senior executives and engineers from Yahoo!, MSFT, Google and other major media and technology companies.

AllHipHop.com continues to be 100%, privately owned by Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and Grouchy Greg Watkins.

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AllHipHop.com is the leading Hip-Hop website on the Internet. AllHipHop.com launched in 1998 and has been a daily source of information to the global Hip-Hop community.

We specialize in providing the Hip-Hop community with information relevant to their needs.

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We can develop a targeted advertising campaign to meet your project's demands. We have worked with every major label and an assortment of clothing and apparel companies, beverage companies and others seeking to reach Hip-Hop lovers.

Our representatives will work with you to ensure that your campaign receives maximum results.

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