Hip-Hop Rumors: More Boosie Rumors And Its Not Good Again…

OK, y’all. Here is the latest on Lil Boosie and its not good again.

First off today Marlo Mike (Boosie’s alleged contract hitman) got sentenced to life in jail with no parole in one of the murders that Boosie allegedly paid him $2 thousand and another man name Ghost $15,000 to finish.

Ghost has been murdered, from what I have been told from my source. Even crazier, Marlo Mike also has been attached to 5 other murders and 1 of them is Darryl “Bleek” Milton. Now, it is my understanding that Milton was Lil Boosie’s best friend and unfortunately was murdered recently. The streets have been saying that Bleek was killed in retaliation of not being paid all of his money for Terry Boyd’s murder. How does all of this factor into Boosie? Not sure honestly, but it seems like things are closing in.

Here is a pic of Marlo Mike that was provided to me.


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