Jay Z Performed A Diss Track Directed At 2Pac Live At The Apollo?

With all the “beef” cooking this summer, it’s no surprise stories of old battles are once again being brought up. DJ Clark Kent recently provided a brief history lesson about the situation between Jay Z and 2Pac.

The late, great emcee famously called out Jay on his The Don Killuminati cut “Bombs First,” and Kent told A Waste of Time podcast Hov recorded a response but didn’t release it out of respect for Pac’s death.

The “Brooklyn’s Finest” producer said:

Jay did a record going at Pac, but right as it was about to come out son died. We performed it though. You have to understand the chip on Jay’s shoulder is so crazy. It’s just like he had to perform it. We was at The Apollo. It was scathing. Crowds were like, “oh sh*t.” It was super hard. If he was alive there would have been no coming back.