2 Chainz Denies Getting Robbed!


Photo via 2 Chainz Instagram

What is going on in the A lately? Apparently there was a rumor going around about 2 Chainz getting robbed, and when the rumor reached 2 Chainz's ears, the alleged source of the rumor was radio personality Big Tigger. 2 Chainz posted a video saying,

"Yo I just tried to called Big Tigger. Somebody @ Big Tigger and tell him to call my phone. Spreading rumors is a no no. You know we don't f*ck with them rumors. Ain't nobody robbed, touched me, done nothing. I'm in New York doing radio. RIP Bank."

2 Chainz later revealed that he got in touch with Tigger, and Tigger said he wasn't spreading rumors. He explained that he apologized to Big Tigger. He still ended the video saying "Aint nobody touch me." Hmmm it makes you wonder. We wonder what the complete rumor was. 2 Chainz told a little bit of the rumor by saying he didn't get touched or robbed. Was the rumor that he got robbed while doing his press run in NYC, or was the rumor that he got robbed when the unfortunate shoot out outside of his recording studio, that took Bankroll Fresh's life, happened. Hmmmm. Either way, 2 Chainz is doing well and sends positive vibes to all.

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