2 Chainz Is About To Scare The Hell Outta Atlanta!

Atlanta Rapper 2 Chainz is always down to have fun and this Halloween he's bringing the fun to Atlanta.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors)2 Chainz is an eccentric rapper from Atlanta.

He has a taste for the expensive and indulges in the lifestyle of the lavish.

After releasing his album "Pretty Girls Like Trap Music," 2 Chainz opened a pink trap house in Atlanta to allow fans to get closer to his art. The house took a life of its own and quickly became a fan favorite.

The home became a place for both tourists and locals to visit. However, it became so much of a distraction that it had to be shut down and was expected to be demolished.

The pink trap house would become a hub for many community oriented events. 2 Chainz would offer visitors a church service and also free HIV testing.

Now it's being reported that 2 Chainz will reopen the home once again, but this time for Halloween. Rumors reportedly state that 2 Chainz is turning the home into a haunted house.

Its said that 2 Chainz has teamed with the most popular haunted house company in the U.S. for the project. 13 Stories is their name and the 2 Chainz haunted house is expected to be the 1st Hip-Hop themed haunted house in the U.S.