21 Savage Claps Back At Fan Over UK Comments


21 Savage may crack a smile but aint ​a damn thing funny.

(AllHipHop Rumors) There were a lot of memes and comments about 21 Savage when it was revealed the he was actually born and partially raised in the UK. I mean, those memes were hilarious - it shook up the world! Nobody knew! We all thought he was from The A! Well, the heat has died down and 21 is quietly still with us. There is a NY based magazine called Paper and they put him on the cover with his big ass grill.


Well, I am sure there were a ton of positive comments, but you know they don't respond to that. They respond primarily to the negative. And then "it" happened.

He told Paper Magazine this is a serious matter.

"I didn't see my kids for almost two weeks," 21 told Paper. "There are people in detention centers just sitting for months and even years not being able to see their families. Then some of those people just end up being sent off overnight to a place they ain't never really lived and they don't ever see their family after that."

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