2Chainz Proposed, But Wasn't He Already Married?


2 Chainz may be looking to make his wife his wife AGAIN!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I thought 2Chainz was married and BEEN married. Apparently, he did the "Black" think. Well, let me explain. Back in the day, if a family member was around long enough, or if you had enough kids and commitment, you were married. The Law of The Land, ie that piece of paper from the State, didn't matter so much. So, I was under the impression that the homie was formally married. I guess I was wrong. Kesha Ward has been 2Chainz's "better half" for a very, very long time. Most accounts say they have been together over a decade.

Look here is the lovely couple at Gucci's wedding.


But it looks like the wedding bells will be ringing for this pair. Check out what just happened at the famed MET Ball Gala just today!


Now, I have looked and looked and there is not a lot about Kesha Ward online. But for all intent and purposes, they were asking as a married couple - JUST NOT FORMALLY MARRIED. Most online info refers to her as his wife and mother of his kids. No matter what, they get a salute from me!