Xzibit Puts His Son In His Place...After He Subs Him!

Xzibit has shown himself to be a good father, but when his son put him on blast, he claps back!

Damn. Damn. Damn.

This stuff we see these days. Back in the day, rappers successfully shaped their message and character and we saw whatever was promoted. So, when Xzibit was rocking’ it heavy. we saw that he was a good dad to his son and even dedicated a song to him, “The Foundation.” That song was pretty revolutionary. Most rappers were not writing “open letter” odes to their kids. Check it out below.

In 2017, X’s son Tre - the same song “The Foundation” was about pops off at his pop on social media. And The clap back by X to the Z is very real.


Tre is also in Xzibit’s dopest video, “What U See Is What U Get”:

Anyway…..I am not in a position to judge X as a father, but there have been several incarnations of him being a great dad. You can see in some of his other kids just that so I am going to side with Xzibit. Sadly, kids can be the biggest weapon in relationships. Absenteeism is super real with men but studies have proven that Black men are the most attentive to their kids of all races.