50 Cent And Busta Rhymes Continue Duking It Out On Social Media!

Busta and 50 Cent is getting real spooky out here in these digital streets.

UPDATE: Busta and 50 Cent are going at it on their IG pages! Get the strap!

And, here's Busta!

(AllHipHop Rumors) 50 Cent used one too many laughing emojis in a post! Yall already know, Busta really doesn't play like that. So, what did 50 Cent do? I didn't know at first, I just saw the Busta reply. This is what Busta said. Bust had so many laugh emojis, I knew he was serious. I don't know for sure, but I am pretty sure Busta is not here for the jokes. Check it.

Now, most people don't know Busta but...we know enough, as does 50. 50 Cent deleted the original post. What did said post say? Fif said, "And the award for strongest neck in Hip Hop gos to Bussa Buss YAy LOL !" Apparently, Casanova knows what we know and DM'd 50 saying, ""Busta gonna f#ck you up." UUHHHHHH, YA THINK? Then 50 said, "@bigfendi & @bustarhymes are trying to have me killed so Im going to the UK to lay low" with a bunch of pics of Bus that have since been deleted.

You guys know these dudes go way back to Violator Records. In the name is Chris Lighty, STOP! Lets hear this new album, Bussa Bus!