50 Cent and Conor McGregor Get To Beefin’


50 cent gets into it with Conor McGregor...but what did he delete from his IG?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Just when you thought 50 Cent couldn’t beef anymore, he gets into it with an MMA assassin. Well. This just got interesting – again.

The Notorious MMA said:


And then 50 Cent came back with:


Well, you may not realize it, but these dudes have been at odds. Remember, Floyd Mayweather is 50 Cent’s homie. Last year, Conor and Money May went to war in the boxing ring. Conor took an L but ending up getting paid very, very, very well. 50 Cent said that he could also beat Conor in a street fight, which is plausible. 50 is a former boxer. He’s also quite a bit bigger than Conor. Conor responded by calling the G-Unit General a bunch of choice words.

And then 50 Cent had some words. This was all very weird.


I don’t know if you guys remember this, but Floyd Mayweather was offered a BILLION – allegedly – to get into the ring with McGregor. Now, this money is not confirmed but they are talking and it seems like Floyd is interested. Money talks, but Floyd is mostly IGing.


Comments must be getting to these guys. Floyd turned off the comments, 50 openly complained to his followers and he also blocked McGregor from his IG page. 50 even posted something and took it down! Nobody quite knows what it was though.