50 Cent And Former G-Unit Rapper Go Back And Forth On Social Media

This Never Gets Old. Rappers Beefing On Social Media. This time, 50 Cent and Spider Loc...

(AllHipHop Rumors) 50 Cent and Spider Loc are no longer friends. It has been a very long time since we heard Spider Loc. He is not really regarded as one of the true RAPPERS in G-Unit, to me. I always saw him as street muscle that kept things 100 when 50 and them were on the West Coast. Now, I realize I could have been very wrong. Spider Loc has now come fell blast talking about 50 Cent not supporting his musical evolution. In fact...he says 50 is straight up hating. Well...50 had some words for him. Check out the video to see what Fif says.

I thought SPI was going to blow. Dude was everything you would think a West Coast rapper was with real street credentials and was nice as f☆ck on the mic! Game's corny ass just blew up though and was white friendly so his fans were probaprobably 10 to 1 but every rapper from LA was showing respect for SPI though.... Spider making himself look almost obsessed but I guess to have the biggest opportunity of your life stripped outta no where with no reason would be hard to live with... from touring the world in 5 star hotels and being a semi celebrity to getting dropped back off in Compton with a "I'll call ya" from fif probably sucked! And at the time nobody woulda wanted to step on fif's toes so they wouldn't of reached out to sign spider. Plus he just dissed anyone and everyone fif had a problem with... hope shit happens for you though Loc, you were the best next to 50 in the whole camp in my opinion!!

ahh i dont think Spider was "nice on the mic" Im not really a game fan but he has beeter bars then Loc for sure

Spider loc has always been a weak rapper. Game has bars for friends, foes, and haters alike. Name drop or not...Goodnight

SPI was cool. However, you can't be upset with 50 because he put you on songs and invested his own money to help you. In fact, I even saw SPI on TV shows. Why didn't he keep doing that? I don't understand why 50 would hate on him. SPI needs to focus on himself, and not everyone else.