50 Cent, Baby Moms, And Son - At War Again

The ever changing story of a father, a son and a mother.

(AllHipHop Rumors) These people are just...unable to get along in any way shape or form! I think they will fight in the afterlife. Curtis, Shaniqua and Marquise! They continue to go at it! As you already know, Shaniqua Thompkins tried to - AGAIN - do a reality show. And, the same clause 50 Cent had her sign prevents her from doing so. I guess 50 does not want to give her any means whatsoever to make money inside the entertainment game. He told her on social media to get a job! Here is how it continued to devolve...

Now, his son replied to 50, in defense of his mom, but I missed it. I think the comments were getting to lil man. They ALL need to chill at this point and go get some counseling. 50 went and had another son and doesn't think he needs Marquise, but that's his blood. Shaniqua also has a mouth on her. She's more 50 than anything, but I don't mean that as an insult. Its good she doesn't have the money he has or they might be going to war WAR!

Anyway, yes....its going down. Shaniqua went to TMZ to air her grievances!