50 Cent, Charlamagne Tha God, Bow Wow & More Go In On Tyrese!


Has R&B singer and actor Tyrese gone crazy, or is he just full of it?

(AllHipHop Rumors) It's pretty obvious that everyone in the world is tired of R&B singer and actor Tyrese!

As if he wasn't already out here looking half crazy, there have been reports that Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith have shut down his claims of them giving him $5 million.

50 Cent, Charlamagne Tha God, Bow Wow, Lil Duval and the rest of the internet couldn't resist the pettiness of letting Tyrese have it.

50 Cent commented under a post of a article that featured a hilarious picture of Tyrese and Will Smith saying,

"Wait so this fool just made some sh-t up. LOL Will like I ain't give him that. Damn he must really be hit to do some sh-t like that."

Now with as many L's as fan-favorite rapper Bow Was has taken, I'm surprised he had the nerve to chime in. Bow Wow commented on the same post adding,


As you know the "Bow Wow Challenge" had everyone on social media flexing and telling the biggest lies possible to flex in good humor after Bow Wow got caught stunting.

Charlamagne posted a post and caption that read,

"Everybody not dealing with mental illness, some of yall just full of sh-t. Yes we need to discuss mental illness more in America but we also need to discuss most of yall being FULL OF SH-T.- Uncle Charla."

Comedian Lil Duval then tagged Tyrese on the post, and Charlamagne replied with,


What are your thoughts on Tyrese's antics? Do you think he needs to seek professional help? Do you think he just truly misses his daughter? If he's going broke, do you think he should open the club, Starbucks, and Benihannas in his backyard to the public like Chralamagne suggested?




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