50 Cent Continues To Mess With Young Buck!

50 Cent won't let up and yet...the bullying becomes funny.

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know what? I want to know who is behind 50 Cent's social media strategy. I cannot believe that FIF is the person putting all this comedy in the social media stratosphere. So, the latest 50 Cent is still messing with his former and current artist Young Buck. As you should know by now, Young Buck stands accused of dealing with a transsexual human being. And well, 50 Cent treats him like anybody else on the street, not his former friend or artist. Young Buck denies the allegations, despite some reports and people that counter his assertions. Young Buck is just out here trying to eat. 50 Cent is not having it!

Check out what 50 posted.

Every iota of my body says, "This is wrong." And yet, I still:

This dude is a fool! I was cracking up laughing at the music vs the visuals.