50 Cent Could Be Preparing For A Career In MMA!

Rumors are suggesting that 50 Cent is preparing to try his hand at advancing in the MMA world.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) We all know 50 Cent is a big sports fan. His favorite would have to be sports dealing with fighting.

The Rapper owns his own boxing promotions company and frequents bouts. He also has love for the MMA. However, is his love for the sport turning into a new business venture?

Rumors are swirling that it could actually happen. The root of this rumor is based on 50’s recent Instagram interactions. 50 Cent is a consistent user of the platform and likes to keep his fans up to date on his latest moves.

He recently posted photos with a big fish in the MMA world and visiting the network that broadcasts MMA programming. All of this happened yesterday and people seem to be excited.

50 Cent has successfully proven his knowledge of boxing and their promotional game. Can he translate that same success to MMA arenas?

That’s what everybody is chattering about and waiting to find out. The anticipation is rising as people wonder if 50 Cent will become one of the new promotional kings of the MMA world.