50 Cent Favors BET, Disses Starz

50 Cent is always with the shenanigans. Is BET sure that 50 Cent won't do them like he does Starz?!

(AllHipHop Rumors) 50 Cent is something else!

I know he's been dissing Starz for a minute now, but I don't know what will be left of their relationship with the way he dissed them for BET.

50 went in on Starz once again when he said,

“I’m starting to think BET is better then STARZ. I don’t want to kiss nobody over there.”

To know and work with 50, you have to understand that he's going to have many reckless moments on social media anyway.

He also recently told fans to cancel Starz after Sunday’s 'Power' season finale, and of course he finally admitted to leaking the rest of the season of 'Power' online.

“4 more episodes to go, then you know NINO,” said 50 Cent basically saying cancel that b-tch!

It's obvious that this is all to promote 50's new show on BET, '50 Central' that premieres September 27, 2017. Will you be watching?

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If 50central ain't a Hit.....Curtis is done!!!!!