50 Cent Goes In On Wendy Williams! Really, Really….IN.

50 Cent attacks Wendy Williams calling her "ugly" and advocates for her husband to cheat!

(AllHipHop Rumors) 50 Cent is not the one to play with if you want mercy. I mean, the guy really gets it how he lives. He’s brutal in everyday from his first son to rap. What made Wendy Williams think she’d be any different. Perhaps she didn’t. I don’t watch her show and I don’t know exactly what she said, but 50 Cent took to IG to last out at her.

And, when I say lash out, I mean real whips and chains.

Why he do this?

Apparently she called him out for how he has been with his son Marquise and said he was "petty..."

I was like:

Yeah, saw this coming as soon as she opened her mouth. The way she talked about it was odd. I know fathers that have celebrated the day their orders were satisfied, but that didn't mean they were no longer present in their children's lives. In most cases, the children were able to open up without guilt and accept their influence and guidance. The ch were then able to form their own views about their fathers, good, bad, or indifferent.

50 is right the batch is ugly, and should stay in her lane. 50 has gone at his son, baby mom, Banks, Yaho, Game, etc. She should have known 50 would get her, but she ugly plus dumb, she went at Jay-Z years ago and Jay clapped back. That batch will never learn...

A little harsh for my taste. Couldn’t he have just called her not appealing without the mofo attached?

Lol at somebody named nofilter wishing 50 to filter his words

Lol... Just to keep it 100 Fifty is mad petty!! Roasted her hard!!