50 Cent Goes "Tom Petty" Celebrating No More Child Support

Damn. 50 Cent goes in and he didn't stop himself from going super petty...read about this.

(AllHipHop News) Tom Petty is alive and well and you can thank 50 Cent for that. 50 “Petty” Cent no longer has any child support obligation to his son Marquise Jackson. This means…no money coming in from that source. Well, as you know Marquise and his mother have been embroiled in a very nasty, long-running feud with Fif. It just won’t stop and this party shows that its gonna continue. 50 is having a party that will celebrate the fact that he has no more child support to pay.

He’s going to have a party this Friday. Now from the jump, you can tell that he is the almighty king of petty. First of all the TOP of the flyer says “You Are Doomed.” You think this was by accident? No. This is a message to his estranged son and baby moms. Then, it happens to fall on Friday The 13th, which is a day of bad luck, some might say. Anyway…damn. 50 is having a party in BK and its free and drinks are on him. I guess, I’ll be there celebrating too. LOL!

Peep the flyer though and tell me he is not just rubbing it in.

I don't blame 50 the boy is a grown man now, who disrespects 50. The mother been living off of 50 for 20 plus years the chick needs to get a job. She should have been in college while 50 was paying support all those years, then she would have a career now instead she just wanted to live off the nut that got busted in her 20 plus years ago... SMH

Ha @ZUBU, fair point.

I think Fif sends important messages with this. First, if she let a judge decide the conditions of how he supports his child then Fif has a right to celebrate when that ORDER ends, and cut off any and all support on that day cause of the fool ass move that she made subjecting Fif to the courts and shit for something they created that he likely had no problem taking care of. And the women that dont go this route to be vindictive should be celebrated. These behaviors by women ruin parent-child relationships and cause resentment. How you gonna disrespect me and accept my money through the law? If I dont fuck with you then I dont fuck with you or your money. Im wit 50 on this. Too many females go this route nowadays. They need to know its wack. And people need to be paying attention and recognize that it ruins families. When you legally put a court ordered financial obligation before everything else (family and healthy relationships), that's a problem. I'll tell you what, you'll never see a chick going to court demanding that the noncustodial parent have more time with their child. You know why? She'd get less money.


Damn!!!!! @MisterMelvin You ain't neva lied!!

See that's how you know bum dudes date bum chicks. My wife and I went through a divorce, split custody 50-50, and the court was fine with our child support agreement. Most women get the law involved because most of you cats are bums who won't pay for your kid and don't want 50% custody.