50 Cent Has Crowd Diss Meek Mill


Photo via 50 Cent's Instagram

Poor Meek Mill, the guy is still taking L's even in the new year. 50 Cent killed Meek in what turned from a diss to an Instgram meme war; my how the game has changed. After Meek challenged 50 to donate water to those in Flint, Michigan, he also bowed out of the back and forth with 50. Clearly 50 isn't done until he's done. 50 recently had the crowd at his show at B.B. Kings diss Meek as well. It wasn't long before 50 had the crowd screaming,

“F**k Meek Mill."

He went on to say,

“From now on, no more competition with n— that didn’t sell over a million records."

50 just won't let it go!