50 Cent Is Encouraging Young Buck To Embrace LGBT, BUT...Not G-Unit's Audience!


Young Buck vs 50 Cent. Another day at the office.

(AllHipHop Rumors) 50 Cent stays in the news, mostly because of his various beefs with various people. Teairra Mari, Ja Rule and his former brother Young Buck. Now, Young Buck is trying to drop a new album, but he can't seem to do that with 50 Cent. Remember, there was a rumor that Young Buck had some interactions with a trans person and that tore up his reputation in Hip-Hop. Most times, these days, people are like "that's your business," but Buck never owned that rumor. There was a lot of "smoke," but no fire. A trans person even claimed that Buck SAID he would pay her off and didn't. That video eventually disappeared, leading people to believe the check finally cleared.

NOW...Buck has this apparent phenomenal album all done and now wants to drop it. There is a problem: He's still signed to 50 Cent and G-Unit Records. He has tried to get off the iconic label, but has failed. He has also accused 50 Cent of smearing his name with those rumors of him dating a trans person. I am cracking up though, because if it wasn't true, I would assume he could sue 50 Cent. I know 50 has long money and fighting that is not easy. Ask Teairra Mari!

Check how it played out over...of all places...social media.

Young buck is almost ready to drop his album. He worked hard on this project, I told him his personal choice to date a tran sexual will confuse some of his core audience but with the support of the LGBT he should be fine. 🔥New heat coming soon. #lecheminduroi #branson

He would later say:

This is coming from a good place 😟

Young Buck bucked back from a plane, stating a number of things, including 50 Cent was spreading lies. He also said:"I'll burn your career down. I'll Ja Rule you."

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I couldn't care less if Buck does or does not fuck with same sex or trans or fuck himself for that matter... I'd still love to hear this album, it's been a while & shit.. I tell you what's scarier than a G beating the dog shit out of you, a Gangsta who'd beat & Fuck the dog shit outta you.. G G G Get fucked!! Free Buck!


50 still poppin though he got other shit going fuck music he making more money acting. Buck a broke bum who sleeps with trans


Buck has been done aint no coming back, but he did put out one of the best albums, 2004 cashville, but he and 50 been done since 08 with the music, WASHED UP