50 Cent, Joe Budden, Busta Update....And Joe Budden's Next Move!

50 Cent allegedly threatened Joe Budden, but what is REALLY going to happen?

(AllHipHop Rumors) To my knowledge, 50 Cent has never physically accosted anybody. That does not include his hittas and randos that might pull up at ya moms job. Remember when the homie Fif had somebody pull up to DJ Khaled's moms house and job? That was scary for ME, not to mention Khaled! That dude isn't built for anything like that.

Busta made Fif take those posts down. I know it seemed like fun and games, but I assert the opposite. Busta is smart enough not to do too much online, but i promise you that 50 got checked. 50 Cent joked about beating up Joe Budden. Hasn't Joe been physically accosted enough?

I don't condone this, by the way. Anyway - moving on. My sources tell me Joe ain't doing anything to mess up that bag with Spotify, Revolt or anything else that he's got going on. He has a legit team around him and they are going to work. At the end of the day, his partners have given some insight to their strategy, which is to create a network around Joe Budden. They are not going to mess with their money in petty rap beefs. I got news for you, even that Eminem situation is pretty petty. So, was Joe vs Drake (a beef Drake never bothered to recognize), but that was like a lifetime ago in internet speed. 50 has his money, Em has his money and Joe is finally getting his real money. Now, 50 is leaving Busta alone for good reason. He's 50 and Busta is Busta. if you know, you know.

On top of that, these guys go way back. Back to Chris Lighty and Violator and maybe beyond (I'm not sure). Nevertheless, if there is some jokes, the jokes were removed for a reason: Busta is NOT having it. And that is OK.

Back to Joe Budden. 50 Cent, posted this and it was funny.

However, there is some more to it. I heard that Joe Budden and crew are working on a CARTOON. Do you know how FEW RAPPERS have had cartoons? We are moving into MC Hammer, Kid-N-Play territory!

I wonder what Joe's cartoon will be like!