50 Cent Laughs At Wendy Williams For Fainting On Live TV


50 Cent still hates Wendy Williams, and he's happy that she fainted on live television.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Wendy Williams isn't exactly a loved talk-show host when it comes to celebrities. Most hate her especially for the things she's said about them.

50 Cent already went in on her recently as he told her that her husband deserves a side chick after she said that he needed to get his life together in regards to his ongoing feud with his oldest son.

Well, Wendy Williams fainted on a live broadcast of her show 'The Wendy Williams Show', and 50 Cent took the opportunity to clown her once again.

According to 50 Cent, Wendy's fainting incident looked like bad acting to him.

“What is this? it just looks like bad acting to me. 👀LOL she said she over heated in her costume. #50centralbet” posted 50.

50 couldn't just stop with one disrespectful post, so he posted several.

He even posted a meme with the viral footage. The caption read,

“When you talk sh-t online and run into the person in real life. LMAO.”

Wendy has updated all of her fans letting them know that she didn't have a stroke or seizure. Williams says that she was dehydrated, and she felt overheated in her costume.

Sadly, 50 Cent wasn't the only one being insensitive. A number of memes of the incident spread across social media like wildfire.





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A stunt her big as didnt faint she so fonnie and her audience are the worst dummies i have seen always ooooo ohhhhhh haha and the way her bleeched skin az treat blacks is pothetic just as she


50 is a brutal, heartless dude; anytime a dude will go at his own seed he has no warm feelings for anyone else. Wendy's job is to stay in the gossip lane so of course people are going to beef with her, even Jay threw shots at her on an album years ago.