50 Cent Mocks Juelz Santana's Run From The Law

Juelz may be facing some hard legal times, but 50 just makes light of it.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Just when you think 50 is going to chill on something, he does NOT. You have to admit, the Juelz Santana situation can be seen as funny. Its not funny if you think about it in the real life form. If you think about it as such, I think its sad. However, imagine the scenario. A regular day at the air port and one of the people is rapper Juelz Santana. Suddenly, they say "AYE THERE'S A GUN IN A BAG...WHOSE BAG IS THIS?" Suddenly, the rapper known all over the world hauls ass out of the airport terminal. Do you know how many cameras, security, people there are in the airport? How FAR that actually is to the front of the airport? And then to catch a cab out of that piece to momentarily escape?! WOW.

The humor of it all did not get past 50 Cent. 50 must have an intern that keeps him abreast of what is going on. Peep what he said, which wasn't particularly funny. But - hey - its 50!

Funny...I imagined Fif as being the getaway man.

Others took to social media to joke on Juelz too.

People cray!

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so what people are clowning him. Hes a idiot who did a very stupid thing lol deserves to be clowned.