50 Cent's Son Responds To 50's "Child Support Party"


50 Cent is insensitive and unapologetic about it when it comes to his relationship with his oldest son!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Awwww man, I guess time doesn't heal all wounds.

50 Cent is still taunting his oldest son.  50 hates his oldest son so much that he even claims an "adopted" one before his own biological child.

50 took to Instagram to celebrate the end of his child support for his first child, Marquise Jackson.

"Child support release party Friday 13, Club Lust 1:00 AM Happy Hour drinks on me. Tom petty is alive !!! Ladies with no kids, Free Admission

Ladies who didn't collect child support, Free Admission
," posted 50.

Marquise clapped back saying,

"Damn only if your new tv show was this funny."

50's '50 Central' hasn't necessarily received rave reviews. A few people even said that they don't find the show funny.

Either 50 was feeling the heat from the criticism or he just wanted to provide clarity as he posted,

"lol see how far people get into things they know nothing about. Smh so you like to see the boy challenge me. Real life is starting, gotta get out and make it happen like I did now."

He also stated that he may come off as insensitive sometimes because he came up harder because he never met his father, and his mother got killed when he was 8.

Do you feel like any of 50's antics are justified?




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You not a man if you disrespect your child online. Child support thing cool. Subliminally getting at his child is horrible.


I love Fiddy, but I think he taking the hatred he has towards his baby momma & reflecting it on his own seed. Lil man is s'posed 2 be the heir 2 his Empire. Hell he could @ least get a cameo in Empire. Fif cold


Hopefully they hug it out and understand your Lineage is your Legacy. Dont waste time in this short as life bickering with blood.


Same boat, so I agree and can totally understand.


I feel 50 he did come up a bit harder hence he is a bit different. I had my mom but not my father in my life, my mom was hard on me and made me tough as heck. At times I'm hard as heck on people and I don't give a darn about there feelings...