50 Cent’s Stalker Won’t Let Up!


This comedienne desperately needs help.

By Ne’ Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) The entertainment industry is full of snakes, thieves, and stalkers.

50 Cent has an undeniable charm that many of his females fans can appreciate. But, in the case of upcoming comedienne Aarona Lopez, he may have bit off a little more than he could chew when he stepped in to help.

Lopez took to her IG to post a picture of the two and went on to state how her manager tried to sexually assault, and how comedian Deon Cole was also allegedly abusive a few weeks ago.

She's recently posted a photo of her in 50 Cent with a caption that claims they are now married.

In previous posts, she gave 50 much praise about his willingness to “step in” and help her out.

The problem is, she’s now a bit too devoted to the rapper and has taken to regularly posting him and about him on her page. Her friends and family have noticed, and she’s even been reported to sleeping on sidewalks in an effort to see Fif.

We don’t know what the G-Unit mogul thinks of her stalkish ways, but we certainly help she seeks and receives the help she needs before taking things too far.

Aarona Lopez apparently was arrested this week, in New York City, following her refusal to pay a bar tab. After she became violent, she was admitted to a local hospital. Now, a GoFundMe has been set up to pay for her family to come get her, and take her back to Chicago. Wowzers. Keep her in your prayers.





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She still on the streets doing live shows online she’s in LA now. Now she says their getting married and planning kids. Somebody needs to get her before she get killed.


Mental health no joke lol


Her ass in Bellevue now