50 Cent Says He Will Continue To "Owe" Rick Ross' Baby Mama


Photo via 50 Cent's Instagram

50 Cent just announced his new upcoming comedy, 'My Friend 50.' The comedy centers around a woman named Amanda Kramer. The woman ends up joining 50’s crew, and the entire experience is filmed as a documentary which Kramer narrates. 50 will make appearances occasionally. Although 50 will be bringing in some new coins, according to him, none of them will go to Rick Ross' baby mama Lastonia Leviston. 50 Cent posted on Instagram,

“Now you know I ain’t bullsh*tting. I got Will (Green Lit) Packer on the team. We walk in, pitch, then walk out with bag full of money."

A fan in the comments posted,

"You still owe $7 million tho."

50 replied saying,

"@Au0didact oh I'm gonna owe that, lol."

50 Cent clearly has no plans of paying Rick Ross' baby mama her $7 million in damages. LOL.

50 Cent