50 Cent Speaks To his Critics That Say He's Too Hard On His Son!

50 Cent explains himself in a way that actually makes some sense.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Once I saw 50 Cent's firstborn son Marquise cavorting with his biggest enemies son, I knew this was going to happen. 50 Cent has come forward to explain what's up with him saying if his kid and Supreme's kid got hit by a bus, it would not result in a bad day for him. DAMN...that's a cold line regardless. So, 50 is now the subject of mass scorn, which he is used to being. But I suspect this may have bothered him a bit and he felt the need to explain why he said what he said.

Here is what he said:

I mean, this goes so far back that I know there is more to it than this. But, this here, what 50 is saying, is a word. Crazy aside, if his son wants to DIG at his dad....oh just take an IG flick with the son of the man that tried to kill you. Gas lighting at its finest!

On that note, Shaniqua, who I heard is a good woman, jumped into it. Man, when she goes at Fif, she's a piece of work!

I never caught her first post, but I guess 50 caught it before she deleted it.