50 Cent Takes Another Shot At His Oldest Son!


We are all hoping that 50 Cent can be the bigger person and fix his relationship with his eldest son one day.

(AllHipHop Rumors) OH LAWD! 50 Cent is back to taking shots at his oldest son, Marquise Jackon, on Instagram!

50 took time out of his busy promo runs and meetings with Starz to show love to one of his sons Davian.

Although Davian is almost a spitting image of 50 Cent, it has been said that he is not 50 Cent's biological child. When 50 hit the net a little while back saying he had a "secret" son, folks began to believe that Davian may have been a love child, or just a child he didn't know about with someone he used to mess with back in the day.

Come to find out, 50 said that Davian is a huge fan that he met at an event who treats him the way he wishes his oldest son did.

Well 50 took to Instagram to let his social media family know that Davian is a gifted student as he is only 13, and it would be his first day at Hunter College.

A fan asked him in the comments how many kids he had, to which 50 replied saying,

"Just 2 because I have no relationship with shanique's son."

Man this is sad that 50 and his oldest son haven't been able to mend their relationship. I truly hope that one day they will be able to sit down and talk.

It has to be an awful feeling to see your dad celebrate his other son, and claim another kid who isn't even his before you.


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