50 Cent Takes Another Shot At Wendy Williams!

50 Cent Throws Palm Tree At Wendy.

By Trendspotter (@Trend_spotter86)

(AllHipHop Rumors) 50 Cent and Wendy Williams have had the weirdest beef in Hip Hop here recently.

Wendy stuck her nose in 50’s business when he and his son had words via Instagram awhile back.

Of course the KING of Petty Land didn’t take those jokes lightly and went for blood. Following up behind her comments with a side-by-side photo of Wendy Williams and the Beast from Disney’s TV series “Beauty and the Beast.” Arguing with fans for calling him out he did not slow up or take his foot off of Wendy’s neck.

Here we are months later and 50's petty hand is still going strong. Posting a video to his IG with the caption,

“It was time to make up with Wendy Williams 2018 a new me.”

In the video he can be heard saying “as you can see I’m making up with Wendy Williams” hugging what looks to be a big nose bird of some sort.

Still throwing shots and wearing his petty crown well doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

We all know once you cross that line with 50 there is no coming back.

He never lets up, and I am sure Williams regrets dipping her nosey nose in that business.

Should he let Wendy live to see another day or should the shade continue?

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