50 Cent Takes His First "L" In Floyd Mayweather Situation

50 Cent makes a small mistake...just a little bit.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I don't know who is managing 50 Cent's social media, but they made a mistake. Before I continue, remember that time when one of 50 Cent's goons pulled up on DJ Khaled's mom when she was working? If you don't then you may not have the true context of what happened today.

For a brief moment, 50 Cent seemed to have the drop on Floyd Mayweather and his team at the Gentlemen's Club Floyd owns in Las Vegas. He posted a similar ominous image outside of homie's spot. Peep:

The only thing is, it wasn't goons that did it. It was a DM...and a set up. A dude named Jay Bling sent this to Fif and Fif posted it. So it wasn't goons or anything.

So, yes, it is a small time thing, but "a thing" nevertheless. It won't go down in the hallsof history or anything, but 50 is just about flawless in his moves.

I am happy 50 Cent has taken a stand against Gucci.

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No one on this planet is obligated to BOYCOTT anything he has the right to do what ever he wants with his money without sharing any .


Both of them look like black apes so who gives a fuck