50 Cent Uses Floyd Mayweather Fail To Call Him A Coon!

50 Cent trolls Floyd Mayweather yet again, but this time people are feeling it. LOL!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent are not the best of friends anymore. In fact, they are basically enemies. AND 50 LOVES TO TROLL FLOYD! I can't believe how much he trolls Floyd. But, it has always seemed a bit petty. But now, he's killin' Floyd on social media after his bud-emy said he would continue to wear and buy Gucci even though they are out here making COON SWEATERS. The line, must be drawn and it was.

50 Cent burned all his stuff and then said he would give some to the homeless. He also said this:

On the AHH ID, you can see the vid of him burning Gucci. Wow. Fif getting political!

Floyd better go talk with Minister Farrakhan and repent!

And yes, I realize the pic is old as hell! That's how long they haven't been seen together!

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I'm not the type to hurry up and jump on the band wagon of the the sensitive black mob. I only speak on facts. Look at all the black actors and comedians who paint their face white. And get so much laughs off of it. I'm a black man. And respect TMT, AND EVERYBODY ELSE WHO STILL SUPPORT GUCCI. T.i and 50 cent, should burn all of their Gucci. Why donate it to the homeless? Would you donate a klansman robe to the homeless? Let's be real. 50 cent is not donating nothing. Just all talk.