6ix9ine Bans Tadoe And Chief Keef From Brooklyn!

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper 6ix9ine recently took to Instagram to ban GBE's Tadoe and Chief Keef from Brooklyn.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) The beef between rappers 6ix9ine and Tadoe is intensifying. This one is already out of control honestly.

The beef started after 6ix9ine hopped on a video chat with rapper Cuban Doll. Cuban was Tadoe's girlfriend, but "flirted" with 6ix9ine.


Tadoe took offense and called out 6ix9ine, but also put hands on Cuban. Tadoe later posted a video of her in the hospital recovering before later taking it down.

6ix9ine and Cuban Doll would later link up face to face. The pair would then celebrate 6ix9ine's birthday together in Hawaii.

6ix9ine is also currently beefing with Trippie Redd. After the Tadoe and 6ix9ine incident, Trippie Redd would then record a song featuring Tadoe and Chief Keef.

6ix9ine would then go on to say that Trippie Redd had sex with rapper Bhad Bhabie while she was underaged. Because Trippie called out 6ix9ine of doing a similar thing, but ironically 6ix9ine is currently beefing with Bhad Bhabie as well.


Now that we're caught up, Tadoe would start the week by posting a video with Bobby Shmurda affiliate Fetty.

This sent 6ix9ine into his usual spill about needing locations and wanted Tadoe to pull up. He then would do a video saying Tadoe & Keef were banned from Brooklyn.


Tadoe would then do another video saying he's tired of the games and he's coming to see 6ix9ine. This thing has definitely gotten out of control, but only time will reveal how serious it actually is.

Cuban Doll was last seen turning up on Instagram, 6ix9ine customized his truck before him and Bhad Bhabie had a face to face live session, and Trippie Redd spoke out against the Bhad Bhabie claims. This whole thing screams high school drama.