6ix9ine Disses Vic Mensa, But Vic Has A Point!

Who is right here? The answer is not that easily defined.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Damn. Vic Mensa is a good dude and 6ix9ine is basically the reigning king. I said it. Yes, Tekashi 69 is the reigning king right now, mostly of the new era. But, I don't see Jay, Nas, Eminem, and others are way past their goofy prime. When I say goofy prime, I mean they don't engage in antics. So, yesterday or so Vic calls out Tekashi for dissing Chicago.

Vic said: "“When I saw him pretending to be riding around Chicago like he was on business…it’s like, ‘Yo look up the f*****g facts. There’s whole Vine videos of every line Tekashi69 bit from Chicago rappers. To come to Chicago, disrespecting the whole city like that because he got a beef with one person from the city, I felt like that was very goofy."

And then Tekashi went for the death blow on Angie Martinez today. YIKES!

The thing is, even on the new song "FEFE," people have stated that Tekashi has bitten lyrics from people.


It seems like somebody pressed him. Take a look and check out his energy.