6ix9ine Gets Dissed In Houston And Says J. Prince Jr. Is Clout Chasing

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper 6ix9ine has been having some trouble adjusting to the music industry and finds himself in another sticky situatio

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rapper 6ix9ine is a heat magnet for trouble and attention. Of course, eyes will constantly be on you when you an up and coming Rap star, but this guy continues to get attention for the wrong reasons.

Recently 6ix9ine was in Houston and attempted to attend an event at a local nightclub. To 6ix9ine's surprise, he wasn't allowed inside the venue.

The rapper gained attention last month before journeying to Los Angeles for NBA All-Star weekend, when he refused to check in with the natives upon arrival.

While the conversation was swayed as involving gangsters, 6ix9ine's refusal to check in with the natives and all the opportunity to prepare for his arrival has caused him countless problems.

Similar to the Los Angeles incident, 6ix9ine once again didn't check in, but this time he appeared at a nightclub where J. Prince Jr. was throwing an event. Being the veterans the Prince family are, 6ix9ine was politely declined admission into the venue.

6ix9ine is now saying J. Prince Jr is chasing clout by publicizing him not being able to get in a club. However, J. Prince Jr. is saying 6ix9ine didn't check in before his arrival and may be banned from Houston next time if he still refuses to do so.

6ix9ine is new to the music industry and doesn't follow the proper rules. He doesn't think he is in the wrong, but you guys watch the clips and let us know what you think.

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The kid is just trash but he get's the meme. In one sense he's hilarious but then you realize what a train wreck he is and as a result how short his life is going to be and then you realize what an object lesson in fuck-up he really is.


First of all 6 weak is not black. It is disrespectful to come to someone else's city and think you can do whatever you want because you are a c list star. What's weak is that you believe everything you read. Sheep you are!


Man f out of here with this checking in mess. I ain't checking in with nobody. You stopping black people from making money. You not doing this to any white rB artist. This is disrespectful and it shows how weak black people are you afraid to run the same fade on a white artist but not your own people.


He's going to die if he keeps this up. Fucking with the wrong ones. Kid's a fame whore rainbow retard.