6ix9ine Gets Into A Stripclub Brawl And Gets Lifetime Ban From AOD!

AllHipHop Staff

Things went left for rapper 6ix9ine at a strip club in West Hollywood.

By: Ne' Richa (@IAmNeRicha). (AllHipHop Rumors)

(AllHipHop Rumors) They say more money, more problems. While this may be the case, it seems like 6ix9ine’s issues began far before he became known worldwide is, well, a troubled rapper.

No matter where he steps foot, it seems that trouble is never far behind.

While in Ace if Diamonds, 6ix9ine and his little blond-haired biddy faced a harsh crowd and were rushed to safety after a clubgoer spotted the rapper and heaved a glass cup into his direction.

Unfortunately, 6ix9ine’s female companion was struck directly in the chest instead. Ouch. The glass burst on impact and his first reaction was to...throw money.

While being shoved out the exit door for safety, 6ix9ine exchanged a few words to the unknown assailant while tossing the remaining bundles of cash he had in hand.

Where am I when these money throwing fights take place???

Anywho, no one has been charged in the incident, but Ace of Diamonds did take to their IG to politely request that 6ix9ine never comes back. Welp! Can’t win ‘em all, Chief.