6ix9ine Says He Checks In With Nobody, LA OG Spanky Loco Responds!

Rapper 6ix9ine let it be known that he isn’t checking in with anyone during NBA All Star weekend, but there's a problem.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rapper 6ix9ine has been having trouble adjusting to his newfound fame. Issues began after news of his sexual misconduct case became public knowledge.

Things have been tense for the up and coming rapper ever since then. It's been a rocky road and several incidents have played out through social media.

You have the Casanova standoff that sparked rumors of a potential beef. Those rumors would later be squashed as 6ix9ine and crew denied the beef.

There's the stage diving incidents where we saw the rapper dive into the crowd only not to be caught. I use the words incidents because this happened during more than one performance.

Next we have the recent issues the rapper had in Minnesota during Super Bowl weekend. One incident resulted from a disagreement with a club promoter that ended in gunshots being fired. In another incident, items would be thrown onstage at the Rapper leading to another altercation.

This isn't good news as the second incident in Minnesota was said to be due to a no fly zone being issued against 6ix9ine in Minnesota after the first incident.

I say this to say, 6ix9ine has shows scheduled in Los Angeles for NBA All Star weekend and recently took to social media once again to announce that he wouldn't be checking in.

Spanky Loco, an OG based out of Los Angeles, almost instantly responded to 6ix9ine.

"I'm going to tell you like this. Anytime that I fly out, go out the country, go out the state, go across state, I always check in with my loved ones. I always check in with the natives, I always tap in and tune in with the ones that hold it down. So, by all means, homie, check in with the boy. I see you canceled one show, smart move, but I'm waiting for you in LA. Pull up.," said Spanky Loco.

Things are already getting tense in LA for 6ix9ine and this is all before All-Star weekend arrives. It's always respectful to show love to the natives of any town, city, state, and country.*

I wonder of rock and country artists have to check in to cities lol

Country and rock artists don't claim gang life that they have no real affiliation to... They also don't boast and brag online about being rapists


weak rebuttal

You should try checking into work. Get out of mom's basement.\