6ix9ine (Tekashi69) Pops Off In LA But How?

6ix9ine successfully survived All-Star after telling everybody "you ain't gonna do nothing!"

(AllHipHop Rumors) Nobody quite knows who is backing Tekashi 69 but they are not to be played with, sources say. The Brooklyn rapper pops more stuff than Donald Trump, and he didn't leave LA with a scratch after essentially daring people to do so. Now, Tek was I do a show out there but it didn't happen that way. People became fearful that violence would break out at his shows. Now he's talking about the other gangs out there in Los Angeles. I am not sure who he's talking to you specifically but he is definitely dparing them. Then he goes and dances to to park and ask people if they would cry if he died. Look at the videos below and give your comments in the comments section .