Are Scarface & DJ Quik Working On A Joint Album?

Scarface and DJ Quik are certainly two of the best to do it, so 'Face and Quik fans can only expect great music when they collab!

(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like DJ Quik and Scarface are getting ready to cook up a joint album. Their The Live Experience concert is not the only thing they've been busy with!

Apparently DJ Quik was captivated by Scarface's proficiency with the guitar and instantly remembered that both are true musicians also.

A few rehearsals later, the two brainstormed ideas for various sets.

DJ Quik recently revealed that he and Scarface are working on a number of collaborative projects.

“I think an EP first. Because, you know, my ADD won’t let me do a whole album no more. Scarface and I, we’re working on an EP actually. We’re actually recording every show that we do into Pro Tools, all stemmed out,” Quik told Hip Hop DX.

“We’re gonna listen back to it. [We’ll] see how we feel about it after the tour is done. In the mean time, in the interim, we’re writing lyrics and making music on the bus. It just makes sense for this to be an EP. Not to just sell – like ‘Oooh’ let’s put a record out, but it’s to congeal this whole experience and give it to people,” he added.

Scarface gave Quik his props too,

“In my opinion, I think Quik is the best f-cking mixer, producer-engineer,” said Scarface.

Scar also claims to be retiring his stage name and going by his legal name, Brad Jordan in August, 2018 as it will mark his 30th anniversary in the business since the Geto Boys 1988 'Making Trouble' album.

Would you be here for a joint album from Face and Quik?

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