Pusha T Continues To Shoot Up Drake In New Interviews

Pusha T is not stopping from his victory lap. He reveals more.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Pusha T is basking in his glory and getting his credit for his masterful album, DAYTONA. There are a few things to note. He lets it be known that Kanye picked the album cover, which has offended most people that love Whitney Houston. Pusha T didn’t even want to pay for that album cover and he went with it.

Now, moving on to Drake! Around the 5-minute mark, Drake comes into the conversation, but the goodies start around 7-minute mark. You know what? Pusha T really keeps it real in this interview. I have to keep it real with him, real talk. He said that Drake mentioned his fiancee and that set him off. At that point, there were “no more lines” after that. DAMN, he said “I don’t FEEL.”

Look at it.


This is how I see Pusha T and Drake...right now.



Damn, Push!

Image: Fear of God II: Let Us Pray