A$AP Rocky & London Woman Put Each Other On Blast



(AllHipHop Rumors) I think we all know how A$AP Rocky doesn't know much about humility.


The rapper has always been a bit cocky and arrogant at times, but it looks like he met his match over in London.

As you know fans already let him have it last year for his reasoning for not commenting and getting involved with politics or issues that were negatively impacting the black community.

Anyway, you know you can't tell A$AP he isn't the man, so he was pretty upset with a model in London that wasn't interested in him.

Remember fellas, everyone isn't a thot thot thot! Money, fame, and status aren't everything to everyone, especially not this woman.

A$AP couldn't take the rejection and proceeded to go in on the woman saying,

"My n-gga if you don't cut it out n u should be flattered I even acknowledged ya page, u have no idea what I'm inquiring, n u obviously actually wanna keep engaging in convo when I said nice life paragraphs ago, and I was just out in London, I wrote u weeks ago, if I was pressed to see u I wouldn't wait until I'm back in the states, u not fine wit ya big ass head n now u can go back to ya instagram model world now, I'll find better or others to shoot with in London, goodbye. Ps pls don't respond, I don't wanna have to block ya acct."

LOL! I just want to know what was said prior to this! The woman captioned the screen shot of the conversation by addressing his ego.

"And this is how ASAP Rocky wants to disrespectfully address me when he never mentioned any work and wanted to "link up" next time he's in London... lord typical MALES, just cos I'm not fazed by a status...give him strength please," posted @_soph.swain_

Do you think A$AP really wanted to do business with the woman? Hang out? Or was he just trying to hit? I don't know what the rest of the DM convo looks like. So I won't assume. I do know that some of these celebs think that they are GODS though. Carry on!