A New Rap Or Is He Serious? Antonio Brown Says,“No More White Woman In 2020!”

Simone Grant

Antonio Brown might be considering becoming a rapper after being cut from New England Patriots.

Either Antonio Brown is going through it or he wants to switch things up in 2020. If you’re a fan of football than you know who wide receiver Brown is and you know the allegations being thrown his way.

In September, his former trainer claimed the football star sexually assaulted her three times. A few days later, a second woman came forward claiming sexual assault. Brown was shortly after cut from the New England Patriots.

On Thursday, AB tweeted a series of tweets, one being he was done with white women in 2020.

Brown does have three kids with a white woman which leads many to make numerous speculations.

The football player then posted a tweet saying he is a rapper and someone needs to “chill.”

Maybe he is considering a rap career since football isn’t working out for him right now. 

We know Brown is looking to get signed by an NFL team but unfortunately these legal matters and his social media rant is hindering him from being picked.

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No wonder u was cut by the patriots nobody want to believe your bullshit


Antonio brown your a racist piece of shit that hate white people