A X-Rated Video Of Irv Gotti’s Girlfriend Has Leaked On Snap Chat!

Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti’s girlfriend, model and former Taz Angel escort, Ashley Martelle, turned Snap Chat upside down when x-rated footage of her performing oral sex was leaked and went viral.

It was something like a porno going down on Snap Chat.

Ashley claims that she was hacked, and she says that the video is an old video of her and her ex.

We would say that this is why Irv can’t get enough of Ashley because she’s down for anything, including going down and getting down with the get down on the social media app.

However, rumor has it that this video is causing problems in her relationship with Irv.

In 2016 nothing is private, and nothing surprises us anymore. Click HERE to see the NSFW video.