Nicki Minaj Blasts Travis Scott, Calls Out Kylie Jenner

Nicki is on the warpath and it seems like it is just beginning. Duck!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Look at the Queen. Nicki Minaj seems to be unraveling right before our eyes. I dont know much, but I see what I see. After have a great outing yesterday at the VMAs, the self-proclaimed queen took to her Queen Radio on Beats1 to call Travis Scott the hoe ni99a of the week. This all stems from the fact that the rapper beat her in sales. She says he cheated though. She claims that Travie, girlfriend Kylie Jenner AND even their daughter Stormi conspired against her to boost sales of Astroworld. Travis Scott wins Ho Ni##a of the Week by a landslide. Travis Scott is out here selling fu**ing clothes and got yall thinking hes selling music, Nicki said.

I know Charlamagne Tha God is breathing a sigh of relief. He had Nicki-dini as the Donkey of the Day. The naming had me thinking he was going to be the target. I was not far off. She said she was going to give Charlamagne (ock$ucker of the day award but decided not to since he wasnt hating on her when she was the Donkey of the Day.

I dunno. I am not sure what a real queen is supposed to act like, but this behavior seems to be against tradition. NEVERTHELESS, there was no mention of Cardi B in this warpath. And that is a good thing. Last night they seemed to jab at each other periodically.

Nicki shaded Aretha and then the Queen of Soul came back from the dead to top the charts. Uncanny.