Nicki Minaj Sics The Barbz On A Writer!

Will Nicki is going to catch a lawsuit over her commanding of the Barbz?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Nicki Minaj...I don't know what to think. Tell you one thing: I am not trying to feel the wrath! The Barbz are out there and Nicki is siccing them on anybody that says anything bad about the "Queen." The most recent victim appears to be a writer for Billboard magazine. The magazine writer, a young dude, write a piece that Billboard published called:

WELL, this is what we are doing? So, here's my thing. Nicki Minaj is a rapper that has deemed herself the "new Harriet Tubman." So, she is leading people to attack writers. As a thinking man, I would think that Billboard should be the target, because ultimately that is the power behind the writer's pen. But, no. The Barbz are trolling the writers IG page, essentially harassing him.

Here is the thing. The dude took the headline STRAIGHT from Nicki's own words. It is a direct quote. Clearly, there is additional context that I am sure is in the article, but who cares!? Why think!? Nicki said sic him and they sicced him. Watch the video.

Check out dude's IG and peep the comments.

What do you think? Could this lead to a harassment lawsuit?