Chance Comes To Nicki Minaj's Aid!

Did Chance save Nicki or just make things worse?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Nicki Minaj said, "I am the new Harriet Tubman. It was at this time that I did the Homer Simpson.

How is she the new Harriet Tubman!? Well, maybe Chance the Rapper can inform us! The Chi-town king came to the rescue of the queen on Twitter today. He came through like Captain Save-A-Queen. Check it.

I saw some of the comments and I am not sure that he's getting the credit he was looking for. But, it is good to see a brother come to the defense of a sistah! Chance also came to the aid of Kanye West and is working with Kanye for an album. Maybe this is he calling: saving his peers when they go astray.

On a side note....the New York Post is saying the ticket sales for the upcoming tour with Tekashi 69! Nicki was not able to get him approved for the VMAs and people may be staying away. Here is what they said:

Nickis tour could be the most disappointing ticket sales of the year for any artist. These are big arenas with up to 20,000 capacities. Sales for opening night in Baltimore is 2,000 tickets. LA is 3,400, New Orleans 1,000, Denver 1,300, Chicago 3,900. Even her hometown Brooklyn is only 5,050.