Amanda Seales Claims That Wale Once Wanted To Fight Her Over A Tweet


Amanda Seales is one interesting and entertaining character. Check out the actress detailing the type she almost had to square up with Wale.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Actress and comedienne Amanda Seales recently dropped by Viceland to talk about playing Tiffany on "Insecure," old tweets, Wale, and The Truth campaign.

Seales took time out to give her side on a fight she almost got into with Wale.

Seales has been known to be very opinionated and straightforward when it comes to her expressing how she feels, so I could totally see some folks getting mad at her, but you would hope that a man also wouldn't want to actually fight her.

According to Seales, Wale almost put the paws on her because she tweeted something about him moonwalking on stage at the Roots Picnic that she was hosting.

Amanda even revealed that her ex-boyfriend had to intervene to get Wale out of her face.

I'm laughing because I can totally see this going down. You know that Wale is an emotional, passionate, and opinionated individual too.

"Bc he got in my face trying to fight me over a tweet. Bruh if you come in my face like this, that's what we bout to do. What had happened was, my man at the time literally flew over people and pulled him to the side. The situation was based off a tweet," said Seales.

Apparently Wale told Seales and her boyfriend that she would never get away with that in D.C. Seales was like Wale should've never got that close to her face regardless if he was upset over her tweet or not.

Check out the clip below.

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i definitely remember this playing out on twitter lol. that's what you have home girls and sisters for.


Sensitive overly emotional dude just put it in a song and move on